Popular Apps of 2013

Apple has officially unveiled its most downloaded apps of the year and—well whaddaya know—Candy Crush comes in strong at number 1. There were, however, a few legitimate surprises thrown into the mix

For one, Pandora comes in at number 9 with Spotify nowhere to be seen. Given the fact that Pandora’s been around longer (meaning many would already have it downloaded), you’d think it would have been overtaken by now. That certainly seems to be the case with Facebook, which—though obviously wildly popular—is sitting a full four slots below Vine; it’s almost certainly due to the fact that most users have already downloaded Facebook in past years.

There’s nothing we love quite as much as games though, with Minecraft taking the number one spot in paid apps and Candy Crush as its free (debatable) equivalent. Naturally the iPad rankings saw apps more conducive to a larger screen like iBooks and Netflix, but interestingly enough, they were pretty devoid of social media apps—at least when comparing to the iPhone’s.


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