Web Toronto Design Team and Client

What a wild ride!

2012 was very kind to us and we hope it was to you as well. As we gear forward to 2013, it will be interesting to see what future will bring. We have put together a little write-up below to think back of what worked and what did not in 2012.

Before year we’ve seen the rapid movement of mainstream and general app design to responsive CSS and HTML. It has been a benefit for the mobile web industry, and provided us with websites we may use on cellular devices( actually!) With this roundup we’re heading to check out among the better implementations of responsiveness before year. Who has learned what another yr shall bring!

Several common features have appeared during the last yr that have become more mainstream in their application. Listed below are trends we’ve observed in 2012 and will probably continue into 2013.

3 Pub Drop Down
The 3 pub icon, representing a drop down menu is continuing to grow to become staple for some web designers focusing on the responsive web. Some might say it’s just a little ambiguous and perhaps easier to avoid, but it has not ended people from using it to numerous of their designs.

Glide Out Menu
Some websites have adopted a Facebook App-esque glide out panel because of their menu. This is really a pretty amazing addition to your mobile web program that you might be motivated to implement into the designs.

Blended Feelings on Set Headers
Set headers on cellular devices appear to be getting mixed feelings. Similarly a set header allows users to navigate around the website quickly, but on the other, display screen space on cellular devices is not a lot of. Depending on assembling your project you might have different emotions.